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CHS Seed Resources provides the cooperative system in the U.S. with a complete line-up of forage, cover crop, turf and native grass products. With regional agronomists, we can help any grower select the perfect product for their operation.

News & Updates

  • Information on Alfalfa Winterkill

    A recent article from one one the world's largest alfalfa breeding companies describes various aspects of alfalfa winterkill. The article, written by Dr. Don Miller, describes factors that contribute to winterkill, types of plant damage that may occur, tips on identifying winterkill, and options for salvaging a field with moderate winter injury.   Read More

  • CHS Seed Resources Updated Product Catalog

    A new edition of the CHS Seed Resources Product Catalog is now available. The latest edition, released July 2018, includes information on new products, such as cutting edge alfalfa, forage sorghum, forage grass and cover crop products. The Product Catalog also includes information on CHS Seed Resources turf products and detailed agronomic and management tips for all product categories.   Read More

  • Fall Edition of Forage + Cover Crop Management Guide Published

    CHS Seed Resources recently published the latest edition of Forage + Cover Crop Management Guide. The fall 2018 edition mails mid-July to growers around the U.S. The latest edition features informative articles on cover crops and planting alfalfa in late summer or early fall. The cover crop articles go into great depth on usage, practices and popular products.   Read More

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