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Below is a copy of the letter that was sent earlier this year to various personnel at CHS Country Operations.
Good Afternoon!


We are thrilled to have CHS Seed Resources is our brand for those specific small seed needs, and we want and need to support our brand. CHS Seed Resources brand is only available to our CHS-Country Operations business units which should give us an advantage in the market.

As previously communicated this past year, we entered into an agreement with Thomas Ag and Alforex to assist in the administration of our brand, CHS Seed Resources. According to our agreement, CHS Country Operations locations are obligated to purchase small seed products through this brand. There is an option to purchase non-CHS Seed Resources brand or proprietary small seed products from other vendors when the desired product (or comparable product) is not available in the CHS Seed Resource portfolio/inventory or if the CHS Seed Resources product in question is not competitively priced or term and conditions are not competitively positioned.

CHS Seed Resources small seed products include:

  • Alfalfa (both conventional and Roundup Ready varieties)
  • Clovers
  • Forage grasses
  • Cover crop
  • Turf
  • Native grass seed
  • More products are being developed and our lineup will continue to be enhanced
  • Check out the website for additional information:

CHS Seed Resources has the needed technical information, webinars, and personnel that can help position our small seed products and people even better. There are also field signs and other marketing materials available through CHS Seed Resources to help build our brand awareness. We have an opportunity to position our brand very well in the small seed market.

You should expect to hear from the CHS Seed Resources sales/support staff, if you haven’t already. Attached is the District Sales Manager list for CHS Seed Resources. Be sure to stay in touch with these key individuals to ensure we get what we need and want from our brand. The CHS Seed Resources sales/support staff should be able to help answer questions about products and dealer pricing along with idea to help build the business.

Lastly, if there are any outstanding returns where credits have not been given, please send the appropriate documents to myself for processing.

Thanks for the continued support of our brands!

Scott Manwarren

Seed Manager
Country Operations

Direct: 651-355-5379

Cell: 612-986-6628

Fax: 866-498-9741


Contact information for CHS Seed Resources sales and agronomy managers can be found HERE.