CHS Seed Resources Is Now Available to Country Operations in the Great Plains

Sept. 22, 2015 – CHS Seed Resources is a program within Country Operations that started in fall of 2014. It produces and procures forage, cover crop, food plot, native and turf seed to distribute to Country Operations. CHS owns seed processing facilities in the Pacific Northwest, where a large percentage of “small seed” is produced and processed. CHS saw this as an opportunity to utilize existing resources and capitalize on the collective buying power of Country Operations. The goal is to supply both quality proprietary and commodity products at a better price than previous options, provide Country Operations with better margin opportunities, increase salesmen incentives, and provide better prices to the grower.

CHS Seed Resources launched in the Pacific Northwest in January and is now being rolled out across most of the Country Operations geography. The program has already secured varieties of high quality products for the CHS brand, including conventional alfalfa, forage sorghums (forage sorghum and sorghum x sudangrass), cool-season grasses, cover crop and turf species.