Survey Says: Farmers See Benefits of Cover Crops

On July 28, SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) and CTIC (Conservation Technology Information Center) released their annual Cover Crop Survey. CHS is a sponsor of the project. The survey provides detailed information from more than 2000 growers around the U.S. on their use of cover crops.

Some of the more interesting facts include:

– more than one-third of respondents claim clover crops increased farm profitability.

– only 5.7% said cover crops decreased farm profitability.

– 67% said cover crops decreased yield variability in extreme weather years.

– More than one-third said cover crops improved nutrient management.

The comprehensive survey details much more interesting information, including information on the various cover crop species, the most commonly seen cover crop benefits, challenges growers face from cover crops, and more.

To see the news release, CLICK HERE.

To download the full survey as a PDF, CLICK HERE.