The Value of Quality Turf Products

 The quality and versatility of turfgrass varieties has greatly improved in recent years. Virtually every characteristic of the plant is studied by plant breeders, and many of the desires of homeowners and turf managers are considered when developing new varieties.

Just a few areas of emphasis in turfgrass development are:

Cold Tolerance: Most of the new cool-season and warm-season turfgrass varieties provide improved cold tolerance, which allows them to remain more attractive for longer periods of time each year.


Color: Color is always a concern among plant breeders. Why? The first thing we notice when viewing turf is the color. And nearly everyone wants a dark green lawn.

Disease Resistance: Improved disease resistance is beneficial for every turf stand – lawns, parks, sports fields, etc. Many new varieties are much more resistant to common turf diseases.

Drought Tolerance: As urban areas grow in arid climates and watering restrictions become tighter, turfgrass with lower water needs is very beneficial.

Texture: Newer varieties generally have a softer feel.

There are many other characteristics that are improving with newer turfgrass varieties, include better cutting quality, lower-growing plants that require less mowing, and more.

CHS Seed Resources formulates its turfgrass products with premium varieties. As a result, CHS Seed Resources turfgrass products grow into thick and lush turf stands. Additionally, these products are more durable, which actually saves you maintenance costs in the long run.